Michael Strachen illegally reants rooms in Apartment 2b located at 369 Washington Ave. Brooklyn, 11238 NY.This man is a narcissist, lier and a fraud. He does not do anything for living nor does he posses any talents. The apratment is filthy. He picks up young male escorts and abuses them for food. You will find condoms and other human filth inthe barthroom if you choose to live in this place.He is loud. Junkies and druggies hangout at late night. The dor bell will ring at really odd hourts of the night. There are starng people always in and out of the house. You will alwyas find people trying to get in touch of him and he will ask you to lie for him. Forget using fridge or kitch becuase he is really occuping these facilities for him self. Basically he wants you to pay him rent but not really lie there. If you go to the local police pct. they have complaints about him on file but due to bigger crimes, police really does not implement Dept of Houseing Service Laws. He will try to trick you by not paying any your deposite back. Ideally you should not live at this address at any cost. BUt since its New York and if you are forced to live here do everything in writing. Like I send he is a fraud and will try to manipulate and intimidate you so don’t let him have his way. You will never find anyone in the house who has lived longer than 6months. I have seen many charactors in my life. He by far is the worst. He keeps a gun under his bed. He is heavy in to pot and the whole apartment will smell like smoke at night. He is not worth my time but as a person having “experience”” with him

I feel obliged to warn you. Good luck and be advised


369 Washington Ave. Apt 2B Brooklyn, New York United States of America