Complaint: I hired Michael Torell, doing business as Infotrack, Inc., and Intech, LLC, both registered with the state of Washington Business Licensinsing and Secretary of State. I paid him $300, up front, to obtain my web address through Go Daddy, and build a website for my contruction business, which has been in business for more than 20 years. Instead, Michael produced a site where none of the links worked, and the email link for prospective clients to contact me didn’t work- effectively renderingvthe website useless. When i contacted Michael Torell to express my concerns, he locked me out of my email and Go Daddy accounts he was entrusted to set up, took over them, and destroyed my web page by filling it with lines of html code, and deleting my construction business content. I was forced to obtain a new web page through my phone/internet provider. Please make sure you have a written contract with expectations, deadlines, and costs, when hiring a computer repair person/company, and make sure they give you back access and passwords to ANY/ALL accounts they “set up”” on your behalf

Tags: Computer Service & Repair

Address: or you could possibly also be a victim of identity theft! While i am not expecting to receive a refund

Website: Shelton, Washington USA

Phone: or for this guy to fix my page