I met Michael at work and my wife became friends with him as well. He instantly would join us out anytime we went out not knowing what his true motives were. As soon as the two of us started having problems he quickly made his move and became very close to her. She would turn to him for comfort, then would talk about the problems the two of us had. Anything I would mention to him, he would quickly tell her. All the time my ex was saying she wanted to be alone or was”no longer in love”, she was spending every minute on Facebook with him, texting, or having multiple late nights with him. || This guy is the lowest, he preyed on my now ex and to this day they are very happily involved, which is why I got out. They deserve each other, they lied and were very deceitful to many people including myself. He is the master manipulator and has guided her throughout our divorce. No telling how many other women he has done this too and how long it will be until he moves on || Good riddance to both of you, I wish I could take back all the wasted time and effort I took to try to save this. You live and learn, be careful.