My husband and I went into Micheal’s craft store to buy some beads we saw that the beads where 40% off, so we got a couple of strands and some other stuff and went to pay for them the beads rang up at regular price and my husband said that they are 40% off, we were told that only the glass beads are on sale. I went back to the beads and each section of the beads had a forty percent off tag instead of the section of the glass beads. When talking to another worker we were told that is how they do things, I told them that is deceiving and dishonest the sign should only be put in the sections of the sale not all sections of the beads, once again we are told that is how it is done here. Dishonest practice is how they get customers to hopefully say OK I will take them, this is how they make their profits. Stay away from Micheal’s unless you don’t mind them ripping you off.

18069 NW EvergreenPkwy Beaverton, Oregon United States of America


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