I gave birth to our son February 11, 2014 after returning to work my husband and I decided that the cost of daycare was too much for us and I should quit my job (after 10 years). My last day of work was August 8th 2014. My husband’s mom wanted to plan a birthday dinner for a few members in his family including my birthday in September. I thought this was a good opportunity to invite his family to use our home since it was larger and everyone could have a place to eat. I had painted the kitchen and one of our bathrooms and installed new flooring in the kitchen. Having a six month old to take care of I did not have the chance to complete the flooring so my husband had to help for 3 days after he got off work. My husband does not want to do anything besides play video games so he was very upset with me. || The month of September we had several arguments over this birthday party. When he was at work on a smoke break he met Michelle who he worked with. He would tell her how unhappy he was with me. And she would tell him how bad her husband beats her and their children. She would ask him for money to pay for her car payment because she said she was living out of her car. He also gave her money to file for her divorce (that she never did). In the meantime I just found out I was pregnant with our second child and also he made it seems that money was so tight most weeks we went without food other than snacks ( but I always made sure our son did not do without! !). || According to him the physical part of the affair started in November but Michelle says it started in October. He was skipping lunch in order to leave work early to meet her in a graveyard and have sex. She would leave her children with her husband that she said would beat her and her children (Some great mother there!!). The affair lasted until I found out by her friend on Facebook February 10th 2015..the day before my son’s first birthday. He said he was afraid to leave her because she would constantly threaten to tell me but I think they’re both lying scumbags who do not deserve to breathe. || Michelle claims that she is in a beautiful relationship and she has only been with 4 people her entire life the more I found out about her the more people told me that she was very used to sleeping with married men in the area so if you live close to this area please watch out for her! She is psychotic and from what I’ve heard her husband has never beat her and she claims the reason why she will not call the cops on him is because she is afraid of what he will do? What mother or woman does not want to end that’s why I believe she is lying about all the abuse accusations. She also tried to get my husband to believe that she saved a woman’s life by cutting her neck and breathing through a straw for someone, all because she sent it on a survival TV show. This woman is absolutely insane and disgusting she works for a local pizza delivery company so if you ever see her with a pizza do not eat it as you can tell by the photo she does not wash her hands and her fingernails are filled with dirt and grime!