I have been married for almost 4 yrs this Feb. 14th. We have 3 children and at the moment I am a stay at home mom/company manager. My husband and I started a truck driving company in March 2013. So my husband became and over the road trucker. I was excited at the opportunity for our company to start growing and being able to provide for our family…….Well in July of 2013 my husband would come off the road and his phone would be locked and have some type of security lock on it that if I tried to gain access to the phone it would take my picture and send it to his new email I knew nothing about….. I became too tired of the secrets and hiding.The last straw was when he said his truck broke down in Lodi, Ohio and was putting it in the shop. He was going to have to get a hotel and stay at the Super 8 Hotel across from the truck stop while his truck was getting worked on for 3 days. So I called the Hotel. The receptionist said it was for 2 people!!! I flipped out. I got online and looked at our phone records. He had been on the phone more to Michelle Morgan than to me in the middle of the night.So I google her number and used Facebook to find out who she was. Come to find out she works in the truck stop in Lodi, Ohio. They had been screwing in that hotel in his truck at her house and lying to me for months. I found out and confronted him on Dec. 20th 2013. I called her work and told her she could have him. Me and my children will be better off with out him!! || So watch out if you live in the area she will put her nasty claws all over your man!!!!! She don’t care if they are married or not.