My soon-to-be-ex-husband is a golf-aholic and an alcoholic. Lucky me, right? We had been married almost twenty-five years when he became evasive about where he was, would not answer his phone nor could his secretary find him during office hours. He would occasionally mention a”rich” lady from the golf club that was”after him” but I chalked this up to his huge ego. One night he stayed out until 6:00 a.m. in the morning and wouldn’t answer his phone. My two teenagers and I were sick with worry (in fact, our daughter has autism) and stayed up waiting for him to come home. He claimed that he got drunk at the golf club and slept it off at the office. Yeah, right-I didn’t believe him for a second. We had a huge fight and he became even crueler and colder than usual after that. I should also mention that I found flirtatious emails from a Miki Altman in Encinitas. She is three years older than my husband, has a huge nose and is actually quite hideous looking with balding hair. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine my husband being interested in something that looked like this! It turns out they both have drinking and golf in common, and she is so desperate for a man-any man-that she invited my husband to move in with her right after I finally got a backbone and kicked him out. She’s been married three times, drinks like a fish and per someone from the club who has known her for the past ten years, a gold-digging whore who snagged her much, much older last husband before he died leaving her with a nice beach condo! || My husband has basically abdicated all parental responsibilities to me and is deeply in debt. Because he wasn’t paying attention to his business while he was carrying on his affair, he has had two clients sue him. I have been supporting my children with an inheritance while my husband lives at the beach rent-free with this witch. They deserve each other. I’ve always believed that how you get him/her is how you’ll lose him/her. Karma. It’s coming for you, Miki Altman. I am actually grateful you took the cheating, alcoholic loser off of my hands, but it’s no excuse for keeping him from his autistic daughter. I hate you both for this the most of all. You are now being exposed for the homewrecking whore you are.