We’re sharing our experiences with Mickey Woods, with the hopes that we can help you avoid the expense and frustration of his “services”. | We’ve had Mickey do some work for us that turned out to be sub-standard. He doesn’t check up on his customers and refuses to troubleshoot his own work. He’s in it for the money and doesn’t care about you or your restaurant. Once you pay him, you won’t see or hear from him again for months. If you run into problems (like we did), good luck, because Mickey won’t be around. No service, no followup. Not what a busy restaurant needs. | We recently learned that Mickey has been impersonating another local gasket provider!! He using a business name that he has no rights to, and he does lousy work. That’s beyond unethical. No doubt karma will catch up. | Save yourself the grief and stay far away from this guy and his business. Bad news all the way around. | There are much better gasket companies out there.


  • Name: Mickey Woods
  • Country: United States
  • State: South Carolina
  • City: Charleston
  • Address: 901 Corlis Drive
  • Phone: (843) 607-1655
  • Website: