Some of you gamers might remember back when Microgaming made the pretense of ” banning ” U.S. players from all microgaming casinos. What some of you don”t know is that Microgaming then went and ” designed some creatively altered ” software for online casinos like Villento Brand, Villento Las Vegas and Rich Reels. These casinos have a ” special ” back door, a seperate ” link ” where with the help of Quick Tender/Use My Wallet, their money middle man, you can get into these microgaming casinos. THERE ARE NO PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS LIKE EVERYONE HAS, THERE ARE PROMOTIONS BUT YOU ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THEM, THERE ARE NO TOURNAMENT SECTIONS AND MANY GAMES ARE NOT INCLUDED. THERE ARE BONUS SYMBOLS MISSING AND PAY LINES THAT DO NOT PAY IN THIS U.S. VERSION. VILLENTO SAYS THAT IS MICROGAMINGS FAULT. THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE BECAUSE MICROGAMING DESIGNED IT FOR THEM. Quick Tender/Use My Wallet will close any U.S. account if they make any hint of a complaint…They will close and have closed accounts saying, they are closing them because you were using the account to deposit into a casino. Now Villento & Rich Reels HAVE to give you an invitation to even get a Quick Tender account. They say it is the ONLY sure way to get your money in and out of the casino. In fact, you have to log into your Quick Tender Account from inside the Casino Banking section. But then when you catch on to what is going on…Quick Tender Closes your account, even goes so far as to say they are refunding your money…AND THEN THEY TRY TO WITHDRAW MORE MONEY FROM YOUR BANK ONE LAST TIME!!! THEN POOF, THEY DISAPPEAR!! While we can see and understand the criminal partnership of Quick Tender and Villento, it is hard to understand why Microgaming, who was once so well respected in the industry would stoop to this level of deceipt and criminal behavior!! Banks advise…CLOSE ALL QUICK TENDER/USE MY WALLET ACCOUNTS AND CHANGE YOUR BANK NUMBERS!! You cannot trust any methods of depositing at Villento Brand…they have many, many names of processors…AND 90% OF ALL OF THEM ARE…QUICK TENDER under many different guises!!! Microgaming has declined comment. ( not much of a surprize there ) Villento has declined comment. ( but was contacted by legal at Villento and told to drop complaint. ) Quick Tender has declined comment. ( but said money had been refunded and would be there in 5 business days…DID NOT HAPPEN…BUT TRIED INSTEAD TO WITHDRAW MONEY FROM THE ACCOUNT THEY CLOSED!!! )