Complaint: I have seen many types of scams, and they almost always turn out to be fake companies or people trying to make a quick buck off the sick and suffering. But what took place today, has actually shaken me to the core as I have trusted this company for years and had never expected one of their own Microsoft Employees to go rogue! It started with me trusting one of microsofts reps on a special line for people who are handicapped. I was told to download a program from this link which loads a window that allows a tech to access your pc and take over it until either they are finished, or the owner terminates the connection. I have used this feature a few times and one thing I thought I have known was the fact that once you termiante the connection, that is it, they cant get back on. Today, I discovered to my horror, that this wasnt the case. The representative’s name was Jennifer A. She sounded pretty helpful and asked to use the above program to verify that I was in fact on the PC that owned the software product I was asking about. You see, the reason I contacted microsoft to begin with was because they offered a special deal through googleplay for office 365 personal. Normally this is a one person program, but the monthly deal of $6.99 a month allows me to use it on up to 5 devices, and brings up to 5 accounts to 1TB OneDrive space on each. The issue I was having was I couldnt get the other accounts to stick at 1tb. I let the rep log in and verify my license was legit and to try fixing the onedrive space issue. In the end, I decided trying to get the google version to work correctly was more like trying to get an MSDOS game to work perfectly on a Tandy 1000. It just could not be done. I thanked the rep, clicked on disconnect and went to order directly from microsoft. As I go to log into the mocrosoft store, the webpage is taken over and I see Jennifer A managed to reconnect somehow and she tells me I have to use a different email address. I notice she enters an email address that isnt any of mine and selects some expensive products. I tell her no and to stop it, but she continues and I see she is trying to use my credit card thats saved in the microsoft store. I hit exit on the remote service program and quickly close the webpage to prevent this order from going through. It didnt take her long, she reconnected and again opens the webpage and starts filling in the info to place an order that I do not want placed. She did this 8 times by the way. I use task manager this time to terminate the connection yet again it reloads and she gets on and starts to place her own order with my card info. Im really pissed and upset because I cant seem to be able to keep her off my own PC. As last resort, I hit reboot not caring if I cause an error, just as long as she is kept off my pc. I sit waiting for my pc to boot up and its taking a while, most likely an error on the boot sector due to slamming the pc down. Soon as I log in, the program loads again and Jennifer is back trying to place the order I do not want! The rep came back the very next day, the rep came back, I thought she was a gonner but the rep came back, she just wouldnt stay the heck away–away–away.. Spoof on the cat came back song. Anyway, I ended up turning the pc off and calling the MS # for disabled people and they are now looking in on this. Ill follow up once I hear back.

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