I have been a loyal microsoftstore.com client for many years and I’ve always known them for having really great customer support but they have changed their service and seem to have outsourced it and this is what you get: answers from a script and no help at all! 12/12/2014-I placed my order for an asus transformer 10.1 T100 pc on microsoftstore.com. Order goes through with no problems and my credit card is charged. I chose 3-7 days with just enough time for Christmas. 12/13/2014-I receive email with UPS tracking information. Great, we are on our way. 12/19/2014-Item has not been delivered. Check on UPS’s site and it says that they received electronic billing but were waiting for the item. 12/21/2014-Call microsoft. Asked them for information on my item. They do not know. I tell them that if this will not be here by Dec. 24th I want to cancel the order. “Ben”” tells me that they cannot cancel the order because there is a UPS tracking number created. “”Ben”” told me that this would be scalated and he would check first thing the next day and contact me with information on why the item had not been shipped yet and information on how to get my refund. 12/22/2014-“”Ben”” does not call me back and instead I receive an email saying to call the same custumer service number I had call and gotten “”Ben”” on. Email below Hi

Contacting you to provide a Feedback regarding service request number (((Redacted))) I already asked for further assistance on your case. But this should be handle by the Tier 3 support. I already Escalate the case regarding on Shipping Status of your order that has no movement for over 10 days. If you still wished to cancel the order you can contact as @1-877-696-7786. Thank you for your Time and understanding. Ben Microsoft Store Support 12/23/2014- I call the number provided to cancel the order. The rep says their system is down and I should call back in an hour. I call an hour later and a different rep comes on and tells me that the item I ordered is out of stock and that there is no problem and he will proceed to cancel the order and begin the “”refund process””. I tell the custumer rep to make sure to send me notification that the money would be credited to my account. Instead I get an email saying that I have to return the item (that I never received) in order to refund my money. I call them back and no one is able to transfer me to anyone who can process a refund. I am told that this will again be “”scalated”” and to expect to hear back from someone in 46-72 hours which I was told 3 days before. I am out of $272 and with no gift for Christmas because microsoft.com does not know how to put an “”OUT OF ORDER”” notice on their website. They are selling stuff that they do not have and not meeting the comitment by not delivering. That is theft! I am trying to dispute the charge with my bank hoping that they can get my money back as I have not been able to speak with anyone on the phone who can process a refund!”

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