Complaint: On 08/22/05 I contracted with Mid City Auto for a transmission for a 98 Ford Escort. It was initially lost in transit, then showed up damaged. It wasn’t packaged correctly for shipping. Contacted Shaun, who was going to get another shipped out right away. A week later I called him again, and his guys had overlooked it, oops! A week later a tansmission arrived, but it was not for my car. Back on the phone with Shaun, faxing him paperwork again, only to be ignored this time. Called again, he never got the fax that was sent to his fax number, so we faxed it again. He told us he would have it picked up and the refund issued the next day. A week later, back on the phone with him again and he swears he ordered it to be picked up and the pickup site wasn’t co-operating. He calls my garage liars and shady business people. I talked to the garage and no one tried to pick it up. Back to Shaun. He claims Overnite tried and the garage didn’t have a fork lift, called them lazy, everyone is to blame but him. He hung up on me twice. When he yelled at me that I was being abusive, I told him I was ready to call the State Attorney Generals office and he told me I could call the city of the gods for all he cared. Then he hung up on me. My husband has called several times with Shaun hanging up on him and threatening to call the police on us. I called Overnite who were very helpful. They did 2 different searches and Mid City never requested a pick up from my garge. They even verified that there had been no pick up request for my garage since the first of October. So now I have a damaged transmission, an unknown transmission and I’m out $495.00 on top of it. Joane Stanley, New YorkU.S.A.

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