Complaint: I took my car in because the service light was on and the ABS brake light. They said it was because of the wheel bearing. So they replaced it. That didn’t solve the problem. Then they said it must be the sensor. They replaced that and they said it was the problem. The service and ABS brake light was now off and I was told it was fixed. The bill came to over $500. I took the day off from work and sat there for over 4 hors while they tried to determine the problem. Oh well, it had to be fixed. I drove the car home. This was no more then maybe 3 miles. The car sat there until the following morning. I got in, started the car and the service and ABS brake lights were on again. I was VERY upset having spent over $500 (A week and half of salary) to get this fixed. I drove the car straight there and told them there was a problem with the work they had done. They immediately gave me attitude. They took my car into the garage and after 90 minutes came to me and said “we are not sure what the problem is.”” We will need to take some more time to look things over and figure out the problem.”” “”It’s most likely a recall issue with your vehicle and if it’s not it will probably be one.”” I thought to myself

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Address: okay? They then said “”We’ll look it over some more but you will most likely have to take it to a dealer.”” This is when I became angry. They had charged me over $500 to repair the problem and were now telling me that they didn’t know what the problem was. I asked for a refund and they said no. I asked to speak with a manager

Website: yet they wanted me to bring it back in???? I said for what? They would not give a refund. They could not fix the problem and did not fix the problem I paid them to fix. They charged me for things that they insisted I needed to have done to fix the problem

Phone: who called me back later in the day and he said no refund. He said I would have to bring the car in for them to fix it. Now