Complaint: Midas Auto Service Experts ripoff. Took my good running car for maintenance paid $397. and they wanted an additional $400. to fix problems they created. Car would not go two blocks from home after I got it back from them.. Car did not leak any fluids.. Car was to previous shop.. Now has transmission leaks.. oil leaks.. and repair to gas line still leaked. I did not have any of these problems when I took car to them. Johnson City New York Do not go to Midas Auto Service Experts on 176 Main Streeet, Johnson City, NY 13790 (607) 729-5116. I took car to them for maintenance check. Next day alternator belt broke that was replaced. Gas line they repaired… still leaked. did not reattach it to body of car. Transmission check. Did not put enough fluid back into car. Lines were leaking… I was stranded at 2 am in Port Crane the following day. Car has been back to them 4 times and still did not run properly. They denied it was their fault… My brother had repaired the line prior and it didn’t leak. and they should have replaced the entire line instead of adding more fittings. Dorothy Johnson City, New YorkU.S.A.

Tags: Auto Mechanics

Address: 176 Main Street Johnson City, New York U.S.A.


Phone: 607-729-5116