BEWARE! used to be called and they will RIP YOU OFF! I noticed if you type in it automatically takes you to their new site, the name has changed along with the phone number and address. I ordered over $100 dollars worth of DVD’s from them in August of 2006 when they were and now almost a year later I never did receive the movies or the money back. I contacted them at least 50 times or more and NEVER heard a thing from them…BEWARE! I called their new phone number and I got a voice mail saying the best way to reach them is through e-mail. They WILL TAKE your money and send you nothing. All I can say is…BEWARE! I contacted them a few times yesterday and I’ve heard nothing from them. PLEASE don’t let them take your money! I sure hope this helps all you! They must of had a good bit of angry people if they go and change everything about them! nJeremynFairmont, West VirginiaU.S.A.

10600 South 1218 West Suite D South Jordan, Utah U.S.A.


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