Complaint: Midland Funding LLC and Lyons, Doughty & Veldhuis P.C. / P.A. are working together to go as far as going to your front door and trying to scare you into paying a debt that you don’t owe! They break every Law out there to get you to pay an outrageous amount of money that you don’t owe! We Need to Stick together to stop these scammers from trying to take advantage of people struggling in this bad economy!They are 3rd party debt collectors that don’t have a permit to practice in the state they reside in!They are a Non Credited Non Rated better business and have numerous complaints against them through the better business bureau!We all have to stick together and stop these scammers from making our lives stressful and miserable!

Tags: Attorneys General

Address: 227, W Trade St Ste 1610 charlotte, North Carolina United States of America


Phone: 800-282-2644