Complaint: I too responded to an advertisement placed by midway chevrolet only to find that like all of the AGI dealerships operated by Larry VanTyul and family, this one believes in deceptive advertisements to get the customer into their store. the Automotive Group Inc, aka larry VanTyul, operates many dealerships in the phoenix metropolitan area some of which are, Van Chevrolet, Showcase Mazda, Showcase Pontiac/GMC, Camelback Toyota, ABC Nissan, Pinnacle Nissan, Midway Nisan, Scottsdale Nissan, and all of the Infinity stores in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona and all of these stores use very high pressure sales tactics and very deceptive advertising. One of the most common control tactics they use to keep you on the property is they ask for and then lose your drivers license or your car keys. They managed to keep me on the lot for about an hour by losing my drivers license which they said they needed a photo copy of. Buying a car is no longer a pleasant experience and the AGI stores really make it difficult. Rg Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.

Tags: Auto Dealers

Address: 2100 W Bell Rd Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.