I purchased a 2014 Malibu in December 2015. After being taken into the finance office to sign papers, I was lied to repeatedly. I was told that the number one reason for repossessions is unexpected repairs and an extended warranty would cover everything for the life of the loan. I was told it even covered removing stains from the seats. I was told that I would be getting notices twice a year to bring my car in for clearcoat treatment as part of my paint coverage. I was concerned with my interest rate but was told that I would be able to refinance after 6 or 8 months and get a better interest rate and payment. I was told that the warranty and other add ons (smartnote, gap insurance) would look good to lenders. About 7 months later, I had my car towed to Midway for a flat tire. (because there was no spare) I was told that my warranty does not cover tires. I asked how it could cover stain removal from the seats but not tires and was told “it doesn’t cover stain removal just like it doesn’t cover paint”. I have now tried 4 times to refinance and have been denied because I owe so much more than the car is worth. ($3,000 warranty, smartnote, gap insurance) I am now stuck with a payment that is much too high for a Malibu and the car is now having mechanical issues that I cannot pay for because I bought a $3,000 warranty that apparently doesn’t cover anything.


  • Name: Midway Chevrolet
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Phoenix
  • Address: 2323 W Bell Rd
  • Phone: 602-773-0688
  • Website: www.midwaychevy.com/