Complaint: I was approached at my home by a salesman for this company who said he covered this area for Midwest Style Steakhouse Quality Meats. He was selling boxes of frozen meat from his truck and told me he had just been calling on a neighbor of mine and had some extras. I foolishly paid over $300 for a box of steaks of different varieties paying cash for them. He gave me a receipt with his name and phone number on it. After cooking 3 of the steaks we found them to be totally inedible. They had so much gristle and were just awful tasting. I contacted the salesman the next day and told him the steaks were no good and I wanted a refund for the uneaten portion which he could come pick up. He told me he would get in touch with the company and would call me right back. When he finally called me back he said the company thought I just didn’t know how to cook and were reluctant to refund my money. I informed him that his receipt did not say no refunds and he should honor his guarantee to me about the quality of his product. He told me he would make it good and to give him a few days. This dragged on for two months with him telling me the company would not refund the money and he would have to pay me back out of his own pocket. Then he said he had finally talked the company around and for me to give him till the 1st of the next month. Needless to say it never happened. When I contacted the company I was told these were all independent contractors and they would get in touch with the representative, Gary Kelly in Anniston, AL to get it straighted out. After this, Gary Kelly would no longer take my calls and I lost my money. Do Not Trust these people or this company. As a retired person I learned an expensive lesson and I hope that if I post this to as many people as I can they will not lose their money too.

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