Complaint: Two sales representatives from Midwestern Brand steak company came to our door selling boxed, vaccum packed steaks, filet mignons, etc. The prices were rather steep and the portions did not justify the pricing per boxed sets of different meats. I chose the least amount, $30.00 for 6 small steaks. The box I chose was not the box of meats the sales lady gave me. I went inside to get the money and she evidently gave me a different box, one with more fat on the cuts, and the instructions for cooking the meat was not inside, as she had shown with the other box. After the two had left I noticed the due date on the box had already expired two months before. Nothing I could do then, they were gone. Lesson learned – never buy meat from door to door salesmen, and never buy meat ever again from Midwestern Brand. I have warned all of my neighbors to be on the lookout for these two, but I’m afraid some may have purchased packages before they heard the warning. There is no phone number or email address on the box to contact this company which I have since learned is Quantum Foods out of Illinois. Beware of Midwestern Brand and sales reps intentionally misrepresenting the product you actually end up with. Don’t let my niave mistake be yours!

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