This company “Mighty Green Carpet Cleaning of Paso Robles” is posting fake reviews as we found what they were doing on their Google Places listings and Yelp too. They are using paid freelancers and they are apparently paying them to post bogus reviews for them, we questioned it and we noticed when we questioned it, they tried to remove our finders and later they removed their Google Places listings that we found full of fake reviews. All we had to do was look under the cutomer name profiles reviews and then you can spot they were profiles making reviews nationwide all 5-star reviews with the same writing patterns, it was too easy to spot. | The owner probably didn’t think customers were going to look at his reviews he posted that we found were fake but they were 110% fake. Some look like they were real but looked like the owner wrote the reviews himself basis of a happy cutomer. | Second, it is a violation of Yelp’s policy to give discounts to customers if they will post a positive review, that also looks like what appears to be the case. | Now, if the owner was simply remove the fake reviews and start over but no, it appears this guy is still posting fake reviews. | To Mighty Green Carpet Clean of Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande & Grover Beach, do yourself a favor and remove your fake reviews hurting customers and other competitors on your foolish business practice. Yes people do this allover Google and Yelp but it doesn’t mean because everybody is posting fake reviews for you to do the same thing. | Be honest and to business with being honest than deceiving people. | I am sorry I have to write this report but I want to educate the fake this is what businesses do. Its sad but this is the deception of the internet.


  • Name: Mighty Green Carpet Cleaning
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Paso Robles
  • Address: 610 Larkfield Pl
  • Phone: (805) 769-0970
  • Website: