Bought a house and wanted renos done before moving in. Floors needed to be done before other contractors could come in. I hired Mike Auger to sand and refinish my hardwood floors. | When he came to give a quote, he talked a good game. Said it’s what his company does. They’re experts. Claimed to be licensed and bonded. | I hired him and gave him a large deposit. He did indeed sand and stain the floors, but it looked like a toddler had done it. Instead of the beautiful sleek floors I imagined, I ended up with massive splotches and streaks, and deep scarred scuff marks from the sander. When I expressed concern halfway through the job, his response was, “Don’t worry about the splotches. You can cover them with furnature.” | When I texted and called him several times to attempt to rectify the matter, he ghosted me. Thank goodness for my other excellent contractors. They rallied, and found me another floor guy who was amazing. He had his crew work nights to get it done so the other contractors could get in there and I could move in on time. But I’m out the sizable chunk of money I paid Mr Auger. | Every one of my other contractors (painters, railing guy, new floor guy, and carpet guys) all said they have never seen such a terrible flooring job. Mr Auger had no idea what he was doing. | Mike Auger of Conrwall misrepresented himself as an expert, the address he gave on his invoices is phony, claims to be in Ottawa, but is actually in Cornwall, I can not find any record of his company Hammer Away Construction, and he is still advertizing his services all over the net (some with another person named Nick Auger). If you’re thinking of hiring him, I highly suggest you BEWARE! He’s an amateur who does shoddy work for a quick buck, and he’ll cost you money to fix his errors. | NOTE: Can only seem to upload one picture. I have several. Each worse than the last.


  • Name: Mike Auger
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: Cornwall, Ontario
  • Address:
  • Phone: 613 662-6453
  • Website: