I bought a beautiful piece of property in federal way, right next to my best friend. we then hired beech wood homes to build our dream home. At first everything ran smoothly, then things started noit getting finished. Beech wood homes kept asking for money to continue, we thought nothing of this, then, my dream hoime experience soon turned into a nightmare. contractors that worked for beech wood homes NEVER got paid and they put leins onto my new home before i even could move in, ALL the money i paid beech wood home OWNED by the MIKE blowers who used to be a mariner baseball player and still announces for them, he pocketed. We are now left with a home with over 30 thousand dollars in leins and are still in a building loan, due to the leins we cant get a mortgage. When we found this out with in days we received papers saying how MIKE BLOWERS filed bancruptcy chapter 11,, and we are screwed. ALONG with 5 other homes he did the same thing to. How this man can walk in public knowing he has destroyed at least 6 families lives. At the same time he lives apparently beyond his meens in his large home in graham. PLEASE help me get some justice, since i will never see a penny from mike blowers, please tell everyone you know

1407 Willow Road East Ste B fife, graham, Washington United States of America

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