Complaint: I am refurbishing a property for sale and needed a handyman to do a few tasks such as painting, installation of fixtures in the bathroom, and a few other minor things. Mike Maxwell replied to a query on Home Advisor dot com (home and we agreed on the work, with a mutual understanding that some unanticipated additional things might be added as the job moved forward; I was prepared to pay for any reasonable amount. Mike Maxwell began the work promptly, anticipating it to last at least a week. But problems started almost immediately as Maxwell began to complain about everything, including the work we had previously agreed on. He tore up walls in the kitchen and bathroom because he was rushing through every task; he failed to supervise the one helper he brought whose botched up painting I ended up having to re-do. Maxwell appeared to be drinking alcoholic beverages on at least two occasions. Finally, when I pointed out a problem with some of the work he did in my bathroom, Maxwell yelled and screamed in my face and tried to blame his shabby work on other professionals I also had working there on another project. I had to demand him to leave my property. This happened a little over a week ago and I am still discovering just how much of Maxwell’s work I am having to re-do myself. He does terrible work; he’s rude and obnoxious; he refuses to take responsibility for the work he does wrong; and he acted out aggressively in such a way that I was glad to have other workers present, and I hate to imagine what he might have done had I been there alone. He overcharged me in the end, and although I was stupid enough to pay him cash, but I just wanted to be rid of him.

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