I having been paying my bill more than twice the minimum payment for years. I tried to pay my usual payment on 7/15/16 and notice that on 7/25 the payment still has been deducted from my checking out. I log into the website to find the checking account deleted and a payment reversal on my transaction log. I re-add the checking account and submit the payment again. I call first thing today 7/26 and the rep tells me she sees the payment but the checking was removed because they couldn’t locate it last time. My account will be credited by the end of the day but my account will be frozen for 14 days because their website screwed up. Thanks, I needed that for my vacation next week. I asked to speak to a supervisor and got the same crap, frozen for 14 days and then I can use my card again. No, I don’t think I will. I think closing this account would be a better idea. Zero tolerance for good paying customers is a horrible policy. Thanks for the years of monthly fees and poor service when your website screws up.