I had a sense that this company was up to no good. I applied to Millenium for the travel award I was promised by another questionable travel service. The application form contained a full page of fine print that seemed to be designed with the purpose of causing the applicant to make mistakes, and any mistakes end up with Millenium notifying you that your application is void. I am aware that others have had the same experience with them. They are not operating in good faith and should be penalized and run out of business. Even though I completed the application correctly, I enclosed the incorrect type of check they require as a refundable deposit. Voided my application, period. I know another victim who was told the dates he selected were not listed chronologically. Voided. No communication from Millenium, no request to make any corrections, just voided; case closed. Just a very bad taste for any travel services, agents, or anyone offering free travel as an incentive to attend a sales pitch.

424 Luna Bella Lane New Smyrna Beach, Florida USA


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