Complaint: They lie to get u to enroll. I went for cosmetology in 2016 & they told me I could not use my hours from Florida bcuz it was too old. Ok. So I knew I had to start fresh-fine. They made everything seem so perfect & they were the best school etc. So while enrolling for night classes, i asked the lady about my hours & if they are transferable, her words were those are your hours are your hours. With that being said she told me about the fee which is absolutely amazing. I had to take a leave from the school bcuz i couldn’t take their sloppiness & different teachers were fired & new ones were coming in. Never had any supplies & color when needed & the day class kept calling state board. How can they operate like this. I wound up getting in touch with the old teacher who was fired & asked him if i can join his school can he please take my hour’s, he agreed but MMTC refused to give me my transcripts. I’m still out of school & I have the student loan people down my throat & I would like to go back (bcuz I only need a couple hundred hour’s). Unfortunately to transfer the closest MMTC is an 1 1/2 drive. This cannot be happening to me, its not fair. I got A’s while attending. They are liars to get you to enroll, scammers & they need to be stopped.!

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