Complaint: In march of 2016 i was released of my employment as a licensed cdl driving instrructor for Millis Training Institute which is Millis Transfer Inc out of Black River Falls Wi . I was not fired and or given an explanation for my release and they refused to pay me my earned pto time from 2015 . According to what I learned after my release the reciept for the company hand book which says is not to be used as a contract for employment,can be used by them as a contract,not by you. I would strongly discourage you to not be employed by any of theses companies that insist you sign this unless it says it has protection in it to protect you, not to protect corporate America so they may keep thier profits and out of court. I am in a right to work state . Please all of you looking for a cdl job make sure before you commit you will not have to sign anything that favors them or have your own contract that protects you and your compensation for employment. Anyone heading to the schools please be aware they are in the business of making money they where changing to automatic tranmission trucks when i was leaving.i would strongly advise you to avoid them what they offer and what you will receive will never balance out in your favor! would recommend tech scools and comunity colleges as safe choices , please make sure what ever or whoever you choose to drive for has manual tranismissions and will not have you sign any piece of paper that is not explained to you by someone in their legal depaqrtment not instructors or maintenance department personnel.

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Address: 121 gebhardt rd black river falls , Wisconsin USA


Phone: 8009370880