Complaint: Milton Kapner, aka Brother Nathaniel is not who he says he is. About five years ago Mr. Kapner was removed from yet another Monastery. The police were called and Mr. Kapner was arrested. The Monastery is in Buena Vista, Colorado. It is an Eastern Orthodox Christian Monastery.Mr. Kapner entered the Monastery with the hope of becoming a monk, but that never happened. He was a novice, but did not have the disapline to become monk. Mr. Kapner was asked to leave, but he would not. The police were called and they asked Mr. Kapner to leave, but he refused. He was then arrested. Months later Mr. Kapner showed up on the street preaching the Lord to all who would listen. He dressed as a monk and claimed he was a monk of the Eastern Orthodox Church. For a time I was connected to this Monastery. I am a Priest with a small parish in Southern California. My Archbishop resided at the Buena Vista Monastery. Through My Archbishop, I met Milton Kapner. Mr. Kapner and myself became friends. When Mr. Kapner was asked to leave the Monastery, our relationship ended also. During the time Mr. kapner and myself were friends, he revealed to me that he was mentally ill. That he had OCD and Bi-Polar Disorder. He told me he was supposed to take medication to control his illness, but he told me he didn’t always take the medication. Mr. Kapner told me he collected Social Security Disability for his illness. He also told me he had been hospitalized [mental hospital] many times. He told me he had destroyed all relationships with his family and friends. I did not know Mr. Kapner for very long. About a year, but in that time I found him to be very dangerous. He was angry all of the time and often threatened to hurt people.Now, of course, Mr. Kapner has 3 or 4 websites that attack Jews. You can tell by the number of stories he has written, that most are untrue. To do that many stories properly would take many, many years.

Tags: Religious Groups

Address: Denver, Colorado United States of America