Scam artist Tommy Sessoms


My Complaint: Tommy Sessoms uses different names in his emails one is BAM, then Izzy Rivera, and has help by people by the name “Nicole Giordano” but his id name is Tommy Sessoms.

their pitch is that they will make an artist $7,000.00 per month doing live performance shows across the u.s. they will say that there is a $100.00 dollar package fee for enrollment for notary and lawyer fees for the agreement but that is a lie. after you send the money they will attempt to bait you into more. they will always give a reason why there is a delay. if you ask for a refund they will say ok and begin another delay process for as long as it takes. but they will never refund your money.

also they are masters of lies, and excuses of why they have not done anything they said. example: sorry the booking dates have changed due to buy outs or lets do a conference call and set everything up this is to keep everything off record. but they will never call and will give more and more and more reasons. they are very good liars and will continue to stay in contact with you to make it look good but note: you will never get anything but talk.

this is a certified scam! alert google the BBB and anyone else that may be an artist about this group!

Tommy Sessoms aka BAM and mindrite music group needs to be red flagged. they are not in the business..


My Demand: I want my money back