First off I apologize to those who have been victimized by Jeff Anderson’s scams. I should have posted my experience right away to help save the headache for other people jist looking to purchase their homes. In 2011 I was searching for a home in Farmington, MN. After a long search I finally decided to look at one, a foreclosure, that had been on the market for quite sometime. My agent contacted Anderson, who had said there has been no activity in the property and to feel free to write any offer. (This phone call was made while we were sitting in the street in front of the house). After looking at the property I decided to write the offer. Having been burned in a few others I decided to write the offer over asking price. (Not common for 2011). As we stood in the kitchen of this house and completed the offer, we called Jeff to notify that the offer was being sent over. Shortly after the offer was sent we were notified that another offer was submitted and accepted. So to recap, no activity in the property 1 hr prior to fannie mae accepting this “other offer”. Fast forward a couple weeks. The new proud owners move into this home. Instantly theres remodeling going on. Nothing to strange about that right? Week after week these very ambitious home owners work very hard on this house. Then all of a sudden the work stops and the house is for sale again! Wait who works really hard to fix up a house just sell it? Sounds like a flip to me. So, with the internet, some investigation takes place. Turns out the sale price of the home was less than my offer. Fannie Mae protocal wouldnt allow for an offer to be accepted that quickly. Lastly, the owners just happen to have the same name as our buddy this Jeff Anderson. In conclusion, I think what we have found here is, sometimes offers (paperwork) can be left in the printer or just happen to not be seen until oops it’s too late. This other buyer happened to beat you to it. There’s a reason this poor guys listings consist mainly of foreclosures and distressed properties. It can be too difficult and too risky to pull this on a typical seller. After all once more catch onto his game and God forbid he loses him real estate license, where does he go from there? We saw this the last time the housing market crashed. Crooked realtors and mortgage brokers scattering begging for any kind of job. Good luck to you if you are searching for a home. I’m sure you may find one of his listing out there or as much as a hate to say, use him to find you a home. Please take a minute and ask yourself, Is this guy really looking out for your best interest?


  • Name: Minnesota Real Estate
  • Country: United States
  • State: Minnesota
  • City: Apple Valley
  • Address: 15451 Founders Lane
  • Phone: (952) 223-1000
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