Well, to start my husband and I have been together going on 9 years. We have a beautiful daughter together and a handsome son. It all started the night before and happened just this morning, it began with his FB account. He is away from home for two weeks due to his job. So, when I see that he had friended this girl that neither of us knew, I automatically texted him and asked who she was. I get no response until two hours later. And he tells me, get this, She’s an ARMY RECRUITER! He said that she sent him and one of his bro’s a friend request. Right away, I noticed that she posts something on one of his pictures. After a while, something just didn’t sit right with me. My hubby and I text most of the night, until 3:30 in the morning. I was awakened by son around 630am, so I get on FB and what do you know they are messaging each other. This is my husband’s FB might I add, which I had the password to. When I start reading their messages to each other, one pops up from my husband that says, “that’s koo, I slept with a recruiter.” I automatically get out my phone and take pics of the message. I snap a few that were exchanged with between them proving that they slept together. I ask my husband if anything had happened between them. He said nothing happened. I also told him that people were saying things and they tell their family and it gets spread. He just keeps saying that that’s f****d up and nothing happened. So I sent him a picture of the message I captured and have still received no response. I will be contacting a lawyer today, which I have not told him I will do. || So onto her, she posted on her profile that she just checked into her hotel and seen him and his work crew there. On her comments, someone responds with, “Any hot, single ones? Ha ha” she says she going to do a closer inspection. After seeing that, I message her and tell her that my husband is married and he is NOT single (can that be made any clearer?). She responds with an “ok-Thank You.” I send her one more message saying that since she’s in the military she should have more respect than to mess with a married man. No response from her. After I find out that they slept together and she clearly knew he was married, I contacted her supervisor. I sent him the pics I took of their messages and he said he was going to contact her. I’m sure she will try to deny everything but he has the proof. All this had taken place from the time they met 7/28/13 to the morning of 7/29/2013, before he left to his assignment. || As of now, my husband and I have yet to talk. We had been going through a rough patch and have been working through it. Being that the so called “woman” in the military, you would think she would have that much respect. She is clearly not one to have respect for herself or others. I love my family and have fought hard to keep it. She doesn’t deserve to wear that uniform. Such a disrespectful piece of nothing. I wonder how she will be able to sleep at night KNOWING that she could have broken up a once happy family. My husband is feeling the guilt. I am going to make sure he feels that guilt. I’ll be damned if I am going to let my son be raised to disrespect women like this and my daughter is going know not to put up with this type of crap. Women like Misty, should be put on corners holding signs that say they are homewreckers. My husband will know the humiliation he put me through and the heartbreak he has caused his babies. As for this “whore” She will forever have to live with the guilt of breaking up a family and being branded a homewrecker.