In early Sept. 2016, we were misled into adopting an extremely sick dog, Teddy; my photo of him appears in Mit Liebe’s 2017 German Shepherd Dog wall calendar. ML’s vet issued a State of WI certificate stating Teddy was free of contagious disease despite Teddy being sick with a terribly odorous, painful ear infection when we arrived in Green Bay, Wisconsin, to pick him up. Besides the pungent odor, which upon our arrival to pick him up had stunk up the whole waiting area of the Liberty Canine Report and Spa LLC boarding kennel where he awaited us, he cried and rubbed his ears from the getgo. Teddy was a fantastic dog whom we quickly grew to love with all our hearts. We immediately began veterinary treatment. The situation broke our hearts and budget, and I feel ML’s founder acted unkindly and unreasonably toward us, even being criticial of the amount our vet charged for Teddy’s essential ear treatments. | Worse, Teddy brought MRSI, the canine version of MRSA (which our vet confirmed through Teddy’s ear culture) into our environment. Our vet advised this was dangerous to our other GSD and possibly even to humans. As soon as we became aware of the MRSI, we immediately (mid-Oct.) returned Teddy to Mit Liebe–only for that reason and because our vet said Teddy should be cared for by someone without another dog. ML’s founder refunded our $300 adoption fee and $200 toward vet bills and advised she would send us $ toward the $1300 we remained out in vet bills, as the organization got “money ahead.” However, after several reported successful Mit Liebe fundraisers, she advised that first, her own husband needed to be reimbursed for costs he incurred on a different dog. | Several months have passed and we are still out the $1300. At additional expense, we also had to have our new car detailed twice to get the stink from Teddy’s infected ears out of it–the bad odor lingered there since the day we we picked him up in Green Bay. Further, we had to have our other GSD tested at a cost exceeding $200 to ensure she hadn’t contracted Teddy’s MRSI. Our vet had advised that Teddy was to receive specific meds for his MRSI, and we and our vet informed ML and their vet of this in writing, including a copy of the Marshfield Clinic lab report showing Teddy’s MRSI. We are unaware if there was any follow-through; we were only advised that Teddy was adopted out to another family not long after we returned him. We have documentation of everything. We are unaware if Teddy’s new family was advised of Teddy’s medical history/issues or of the possible risk his health condition could present to them, their other dogs, and environment. Because of this horrible, heartbreaking experience with MIT Liebe, 2016 was the worst year of our lives.


  • Name: MIT LIEBE German Shepherd Dog Rescue
  • Country: United States
  • State: Wisconsin
  • City: Suamico
  • Address: P.O. Box 376
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