I worked for Mitch in his Fort Lauderdale and South Call Centers over the last 6 months. I cannot tell you the biggest scam I’ve ever seen. First off… one call center is run by a guy who did jail time and the other call center is being run by a guy who was with him for 8-10 years, left, STOLE LEADS FROM HIM, went to a different company and came back last year! These pieces of s**t are a match made in heaven. Let’s put it this way…. when you are expecting a $450 commission check and you get less than $100 because of “cancels”” and payback for a draw

you’re making less than minimum wage… it’s against the law!!! Happen to ME two weeks in a row

totaling almost $1200! Must have to steal from his employees because it’s time for him to buy a new $100k Mercedes. Must be the only way he could have bought it to begin with! Stealing hard working people’s money! If he was truly ethical

probably could only by his black hair dye! a 60 year old man trying to look 30! It’s such a bad look! He’s only in the FT office 2-3 hours a day

and SO maybe once a week. His stories of the glory days when he was “”shot”” and part of the mafia…. all made up. Thinks he’s Italian