I paid $420 for a crown in April 2014, the rest was contracted with my insurance company (they were to pay $600). In October Dr. Fard’s office contacted me saying I exhausted my dental benefits for the year so insurance wouldn’t pay any more. No problem, I could pay that balance. Oh, but guess what – Dr. Fard hiked the price up over $1,000 saying she could charge me as if I were uninsured instead of the original amount contracted with BCBS. These are unfair pricing practices and even after offering me discounts, it was far above the contracted amount that I was prepared to pay. Just because they’re allowed by the insurance company to jack up prices doesn’t make it the right thing to do. I requested copies of my xrays and before they had freely emailed them to my endodontist without an authorization form or additional money, but now they want me to fill out a form and pay even more. Anything they can do to extort more money from you I suppose.

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