Complaint: As an active duty military member deployed overseas I contacted Mitsubishi to get the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act to lower my interest from 14% to 6%. After contacting them in March of 2004, they did not respond till June of 2004 informing me that the account was rebooked, however I have not received any billing statements. In June me and my wife pulled my credit so that we could purchase a house while I am deployed, and found out by checking my credit that Mitsubishi was reporting late on this account since Dec of 2003, although payments have been sent to this company every month since then. I contacted the company and demanded they fix this, and after a month of calling them from overseas they fixed the problem, only to report fraudulent information again in Aug of 2004. They also ripped me off by charging me for 6 monthly deferments when I only requested 3 deferments. It does not stop there… They also charged $253 of charges to my account and informed my one of the several times I called them that they where late charges, yet the charges are not coded as late charges on my payment history. In June is when I did receive a billing statement and the payments made dropped from 56 made to 54 made, so infact they removed 2 months worth of payments on this account and have refused to account for this. As of June they are reporting to the credit bureaus that there is $1250 left to pay, but with the charges they slammed me with, and the deferments I did not request, the removed payments, they infact owe me $1136 and the title on my 98 Galant. Keep in mind that they have not called me or my wife even though they have both of our numbers, refused to answer my questions on this account, and have not mailed anything to me at all to myself or my wife even though they have both of our addresses. To whom ever reads this…arm yourselves, this company cannot be trusted and will go to extreme lengths to make purchasing a car through them an experience that is worse than any I have ever experienced. Christian APO, APKorea, Republic of

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