Do not do business with Jana of M&J Jewellers!! I have known her and been a customer for over 6 years and cannot believe what she has done to me. | Approximately 14 months ago I had a conversation with her and mentioned I had some jewellery that I was going to have appraised and possibly sell. She told me that she could do that for me so, a few days later I took my jewelery worth a few thousand dollars to her. I took pictures of everything and together we listed all the pieces and she initialled it. I also told her that I would like this done as soon as possible. | After several phone calls and visits to her store she gave me more excuses why nothing had happened. This gave me great cause for concern! I finally received a small cheque as partial payment that I could not cash for over 4 months. She also told me that she had to use the money to pay her rent and pay other bills etc. which is the same reason she has told other customers that she has scammed. So there is a pattern here. I also sent a registered letter to her listing “without predjudice” a deadline and what my next steps would be….of course it was returned to me as unclaimed. | Jana still has a diamond engagement ring given to me by my late husband and a diamond tennis bracelet that she is looking for??? She shows no remorse or guilt. I’ll be suing her for fraud if I don’t get any results soon. I would also love to be able to put her out of business!


  • Name: M&J Jewellery
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: Toronto, Ontario
  • Address: 419 Sutherland Dr.
  • Phone: 647-716-1979
  • Website: