In May of 2012 I had an MRI performed by Insight Imaging in Los Gatos, CA. I was employed and had excellent insurance coverage. This process was covered 100%. | Today May 27, 2016 I received a telephone message from MNET Financial in Aliso Viejo, CA. The message indicated that they were calling on behalf of a creditor and outstanding debt that I owed. I immediately contacted this company. | The Associate that I spoke with indicated that I “owed” $350.00 for the service that Insight Imaging performed in May of 2012. The person stated that the records showed that my insurance company was billed and I might want to contact them. | It is noted that “this phone message” is the very first indication of a debt. I “never” received a bill from Insight Imaging, nor from MNET Financial. The Associate stated that they attempted to call me twice in 2014. I suggested that had they left a message I certainly would have returned their call and why have they waited over two additional years to call me again? | The Associate said that perhaps I should contact my insurance company…..United Healthcare to see what went wrong.???? | I am retired and have been since late 2012. Don’t have old insurance information and am appalled at the total incompetence displayed not only by Insight Imaging but by MNET Financial. I repeat………I never received a bill from Insight Imaging, nor any communication. I have never received any form of correspondence from MNET Financial until this morning, four years and two weeks later. | i value my credit standing, pay all debts, don’t have the “old” insurance information, nor am I inclined to assist in any manner regarding this issue. I don’t even have an original statement, charges etc from Insight Imaging. | Based on the obvious incompetence displayed here I am of the opinion that Insight Imaging failed to properly bill my health insurance carrier, covered it up, ultimately turned it over to the efficient collection agency who claims they called me twice in 2014 and then again this morning. Nothing in my history has changed, address, name, phone number etc., are all the same. | I live on my social security now, have Medicare and a secondary insurance, however, nothing to do with May 2012. I have had two major surgeries and one minor surgery since my retirement. My credit record is impeccable. I don’t owe any laboratory, doctor or hospital a dime. | My biggest concern here is how and why are organizations such as these allowed to stay in business, perform, or lack thereof, a disservice of this nature to people and just continue doing it? No business should be allowed to conduct themselves in this manner, embarass a consumer, and still feel justified in accomplishing the actions that they took. | Bottom line today May 27, 2016 is the very first time I have ever had any comments, billing information etc.,etc., from either one of these organizations. Very, very sad I would think.


  • Name: Mnet Financial Inc
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Aliso Viejo
  • Address: 95 Argonaut
  • Phone: 888-816-5944
  • Website: