Complaint: nicole well they call u up say they are your magazine company make you believe you signed up threw some kind of promotion even though you did not. when you try to cancle it they will not let you i mean they litteraly fight with you. some people have cried onthe phonea nd they laugh about it.. it is one big scam. they are supossed to send 6 magazine a month for $59.90 for 30months totaling to 1,797.00 who in there right mind would sign up for something that expensive. mags are 3.99 in the store and they actuallly tell u u didnt sign up for the magazines u signed up threw a promotion the mags come with the promotion tryin to make it sound free. then then put u threw a recording .you think it is to take off the “renewal”” but really they are getting you on tape saying they can charge you. on the tape they speak so fast you have no idea what you just said yes to you hang up try to piece it all together and realieze u have just been ripped off for almost 2 grand. they mainly go for the ederly……someone needs to stop these people. its a hard enough time out here they make you believe if you dont pay it will ruin your credit.. fort myers florida”

Tags: Sales People

Address: 5290 summerlin commons way suite 1001 fort myers, Florida United States of America


Phone: 2392753537