My last timecard (after 6 months of providing correct time cards) was submitted. Ask a co-worker in that office to verify the time. About two weeks later I thought I was laid off. I filed for unemployment benefits which was awarded from AZ Dept. of Economic Security. After almost 10 weeks of benefits received the company (MOM) took me to court which was held over the phone and no eye contact in person was done. | The judge awarded in favor to the company that I was not correct in submitting the timecard with wrong time which was about maybe 30 minutes incorrect entries due to a micro-managed method of more than 10 entries per day. The company said I was trying to steal from them. I was not laid off rather terminated. Wrongful termination due to my last timecard submitted incorrectly. | Now, the AZ Dept. of Economic Security has added over $1500 of interest because I was unable to make payments. They do not answer my calls or emails as I have asked to arrange payments on the original amount. Of course, it is not fair to be terminated due to one timecard submitted incorrectly. AZ Dept. of Economic Security should have not awarded benefits if I were not to be approved.


  • Name: Mobile On-site Mammography, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Tempe
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