A friendly warning when contemplating buying any products from Mobile Tout Terrain (also known as MTT) | On 23 July 2015, I purchased a MTT Smart Max 4G mobile phone from their website (EUR 357.50) | I received the phone two weeks later. After spending some time familiarising myself with the phone I started to realise that it did not have the functionality as advertised on the website. I sent an email to MTT and queried the following: | * How do you disable GeoTalker? | * Advertised PTT and PTI functions – I could not find these functions on the phone. No instructions. | * Camera – The website says”There is no need to navigate the menus, capture the most precious moments of your life with a simple click.” This functionality is not available. Still need to navigate the menu’s to get to the photo app? | * GPS – The website says “Even if you are on the other side of the planet, you won’t need an Internet connection to find your way!” In the phone, the normal google “Maps” app had been installed? No instructions how to access the GPS without the use of internet? | Two weeks later MTT responded by sending me a downloaded copy of the Android User Guide. No further response or clarification. No reasonable feedback on the false advertising on their website. | A few weeks later, I was working with the phone in my pocket when it started raining. As the phone is advertised as IP68, I was not too concerned. Later that day I noticed that the phone was non-operational. As the phone was still under guarantee, I went online to request a repair/refund. All website links when connecting to the after-sales services are in French. Nevertheless, I eventually figured it out using google translate and promptly returned my phone on 2 December 2015. | They confirmed receipt of the phone on 10 December 2015 and stated that the repair would be completed in four weeks. By 19 January 2016, I still had not had any feedback or received my repaired item. I emailed the MTT after-sales team who responded to state that they would issue me with a new phone and that it had been sent that same day. I requested a tracking number for the item and got no response. On 1 February 2016 I emailed them again. They responded with the tracking number – which showed that it was only sent on 1 February after I had sent them a follow-up email. | After-sales Service is shocking. Product is poor and not as advertised! Beware of this company.


  • Name: Mobile Tout Terrain
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • State: England
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone: 44.2034.455.120
  • Website: www.mobiletoutterrain.com