Scammed for 1300 hundred


My Complaint: Truck broke down called MTR wanted $300 up front to go out to truck, issued them a check. Took 2 days to get truck fixed and knew something wasn’t right with the situation. They quoted us a price on fixing the truck and when they got it fixed the bill was well over $1000 more than quoted to us. Got to talking to the shop where it was fixed and this was after I had paid the bill that’s when I found out we had been scammed!! They made the $300 plus the $1000!!! These people do not speak very good English and probable don’t even live in the US but are making a good living scamming us US citizens that are working for a living and a honest one at that!!!! Do NOT call them!!! They show up every time you google truck repair in the US!! Something needs to be done about this!!!


My Demand: Would like my $1300 back but do know i will never see it!!