Complaint: My wife and I stopped at a Walmart to get our flu shots. We both have Medicare and Blue-Cross Senior Gold. We were required to fill out 3 or 4 pages of redundant questions, which we never have had to do any other time we’ve received shots. We filled out the forms and were told our insurance would cover everything, as it has in the past at other immunization sites. This was in November of 2011. Now in February 2012 we each received a notice that we each owe $58. The notice was from BlueCross BlueShield stating the two charges for each of us ($30 and $28) cannot be processed until they receive the explanation of Medicare benefits of Medicare summary notice. I won’t make the mistake of getting a flu shot at Walmart again. I also will not pay a cent to Mollen.

Tags: Pharmacies

Address: 8328 E Hartford Dr Scottsdale, Arizona United States of America