Complaint: Molly Stewart(might not be her real name even) who has the name MissMolly on Myfreecams and now in playboy, do not tip her for things off the site such as phone calls, snapchat, skypes, privates, ect. She will not give you any of these things claiming she is too busy. All she is concerned about is her rank on the site and will give any fake offer to get there. She will claim you are her friend and that she finds you attractive enough to date to try and reel you in, then use your feelings against you. Remember, you are only a piece of business to her even though she complains when people just see her as a piece of a*s. Also, her date raffles are her biggest ripoff, you spend thousands in a date raffle and if you win, she will set up what sounds like a perfect romantic date only to change plans last minute to spend the least amount of time as possible with you to ditch you for her secret husband or another cam girl after you fly all the way out there. That’s right, after saying all these love stuff to you and that she’s single, she’s really married! Don’t give out your money to this scam artist and her husband!

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