Visious Boiler Room Scam


My Complaint: Personally Monex scammed me out of 190g with their Atlas Account boiler room type scam. They are well trained con-artists who gain your confidence through a few good trades and then con you into making a large investment in the fraudulent Atlas Account contract which will invariably be “lost” no matter what the market trend. They are in the business of scamming people and their investment advice is laughable to say the least. They do not actually expose your investment to the live markets but have a computer program that manages your account and wipes you out through one method or another. The account reps have no financial education and are merely con men who gain your trust so the company can steal your money. My attorney and I have spent 2 years just attempting to get an actual jury trial and not have to go into the scam arbitration court called JAMS but of course the judges in California are all corrupt and I could not even get a fair trial in America, so much for right to a fair trial.


My Demand: Full refund