Complaint: I contacted monex about prices, they didnu2019t answer and insisted on personal meeting with their rep. At the same day their rep Emad Tadros came to my house. He was nice and trustworthy looking. After brief conversation where he said that online terminal will cost me $30 /month , I agreed to file an application for their services pending approval after my credit check. I signed one page of an application and gave him void check (big mistake!). When I asked to see the rest of the application with detailed prices ,so I can make informed decision , Emad said that he will send it to me u201ctonight u201c. Next morning I reminded him that I havenu2019t received anything, and I would like to see prices. Nothing. After a few weeks I reminded him again that I have to know exact monthply fees, refund and cancellation policy, admin fees etc, so I can decide if I want to proseed with the application, he called me back and said that he will send it to me soon and never did. At the same time I have encountred some problems with my business. I asked him again about prices in writing and he never responded. When I told him that I donu2019t want to proceed with this application. At the same day Elavon took $224 u201csetting up feesu201d from my account. When he called me back and said that my application is approved. I asked him to reverse it and refund my money. He said heu2019ll see what he can do. I never heard from him for a long time. I started to call monex. Nobody helped me. Next month they took $71 from account. I called and demanded explanation what is it for . I had no services with monex. I Was transferred to Brian Griffiths. He did,nt let me talk, started yelling at me and read me contract that I u201csigned u201c. I said I never signed no contract, neither did I see prices, terms and conditions or full contract at all. He said if I want to cancel I have to pay them $500 cancellation fee. What cancellation fee? I have no services nor agreement with you, I said. He became so ruuude and started to threaten me with legal action, and advice me to get legal representative. I said I am aware about my rights, I just want hear about his explanation for unauthorized money withdrawal from my account. He became verbally abusive and refused to explain. I started email him, he responded with some cookie cutter templates about my responsibilities under the u201cagreement u201c.. Long story short. He forced me to sign final release worded that I u201cbreached the contract u201c and used their services. I crossed it out at first, and he sent it back saying that I either sign what he said or they will charge me monthly fees (I donu2019t even know for what and how much). So technically blackmailed me into sign in it, and it was signed under duress. But they promised that they will not t take any money after this. I feel like I was taken advantage of by some professional scammers. I researched about them, and after reading reviews and complaints, understood that they been doing this for years and getting away with that simply by charging ppl accounts and thretening them by legal action. And this is what I have to say. Their tactics of intimidation, misrepresentation, unathorised money withdrawal etc simply illegal. This company runned by Scott and Brian, two men show, and answering service. They are nobody and have no power if you wonu2019t let them. They are fraud. Do not pay them and do not fall for their threats. They Should be taken to court, and they will lose because their practices and u201c contractsu201d are pathetic and illegal . I am deciding on my further actions about them .

Tags: Bank Fraud, Internet Fraud, Ripoff- Internet, Sales Terminal Fees, Suspected Fraud, Withdrawing Money Without Authorization

Address: 5075 Yonge Street North York, Ontario Canada


Phone: 1-866-286-7787