A cunning businesswoman who has repeatedly outfoxed her competitors and the authorities and outplayed her customers time and time again. With a well-written website, a cleverly worded telephone spiel and misleading contract terms, deanna managed to cheat hundreds of unwitting clients out of money that was rightfully theirs, to begin with. Besides providing false information about industry alternatives in order to discourage clients from doing business with her (ethical) competitors, money catch slaps a variety of extra hidden fees and costs on top of the standard percentage usually charged by a recovery agent to the point where I barely received two thirds of the money I had ‘allowed’ money catch to recover for me. I’d be happy to offer up 10%… Maybe even 15% if I had serious misgivings about the nature of the claim, but paying 22% to get money that i’m going to have to pay taxes on as it is is just ridiculous. Honestly, had I known how much money catch’s ‘professional services’ would cost me, I would never have gone near them. Fool me once, shame on me, I guess… But here’s a heads up for anyone who has been approached by them, read the fine print. Then shop around!

This review (Money Catch Complaint) was originally published at Skeptic Files.

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