We were together for 7 yrs I thought everything was ok we fought alot then day I saw a number in phone an asked him about it he said he didnt know who it was so I let it go it kept up wit different numbers a week later I noticed him leavin the room to talk on phone an then he started comin home in a bad mood an started snappin at me more an this number started callin more I asked him who it was he stayed with wrong number a week later he started takin the car more wit out go to his buddies, to his dads an when he left the phone went (with him as this was goin on our sex life started increasing more an more which threw me off ). || I would call him an he wouldnt answer it when he got home i asked why he didnt answer he said i didnt hear it i let it go i lost the place where i live due to my landlord sold so i had to stay at my moms an so he went to til a place opened up well in all that we were gettin along i just chalked it up to be stress on our relationship to the move so he was not spendin time wit me he would go to sleep to get away from me but our sex never suffered then one he was wantin to try anel sex wjich i was open to to please my man cuz i love him the one day he decide to tell me hated me it threw me off so i didnt know wat to say i just walked away this number i had copied down cuz i didnt trust wat he was sayin abouy number so called it in front of him he said as i was talkin to his whore i told u that but really he didnt she claims they are in love an i was crazy an i would never let him go to happy wit someone else so after i got off phone he left an ran straight to her an now he lives ther he still calls me tellin me he loves me an hes confused i dont wat to tell him i still love but i know i need to let go well i hope u enjoy my story.