I’ve been with my husband since I was 13 years old and my husband was 16, We have 30 years together with 20 of them being Married to one another and have had 3 beautiful children together. My husband has had numerous affairs throughout the years and and we have had our share of tough times together but after all of his begging I always found a way to forgive him. He told them numerous lies in order to keep them on the side example: He has my name tattoo’d on his chest and arm and he told his first mistress that it was the name of a baby that he had and died in Mexico, another example is he said I was an unfit mother and would always be in the streets and at the time I actually was always home because I had two babies to take care of and was pregnant with our third and didn’t even drive. He would lie to the extreme to fool them but as everyone knows one lie leads to the next and it becomes harder and harder to keep up so eventually they would figure it out and come to me and see that it was all a sham and that they were the mistress on the side.I sadly had thought that this dark part of my life was in the past but boy was I mistaken because my husband of 30 years met the infamous Monica Mares. I found out my husband has been seeing her since 2005. 9 years!!! Unbelievable! This woman would blow up my husbands phone all day and it would be so obvious because my husband wouldn’t answer it in front of me he would just say things such as omg, this person bugs, it never fails always when i’m gonna eat they gotta call me, it’s always an emergency with you wtf, etc. and then he would find the dumbest errand to run in order to get out of the house to call her. I finally was able to figure out her number when my husband slipped and left his phone out which never left his pocket. A quick search of her number on Facebook which leads to her whole family and Instagram profiles where I found all the proof I needed to bust my husband and finally stop this affair. I ran a background check seen she’s been convicted of a few crimes before and seen she had been living in one of my husbands properties. She’s a total leecher, just using my husband any way she can to support her and her 3 children (Consist of wannabe gangers and drug users whom are ghetto fabulous) who have 2 children of their own which they can’t even support.When this affair was in it’s first years my husband had gotten very sick from the stress of living two lives and developed bleeding ulcers and almost died. While he was in the hospital he was throwing up buckets of blood and the doctors thought he wasn’t going to make it so they released his property to me. One of the items released was his cell phone, I turned it on so that incase any of his friends called him I could let them know he wasn’t doing very well so and if they wanted to come visit him they should come down because it might be the last time they see him. While at the hospital I kept getting a call from a number that wasn’t programmed in the phone, I finally answered it and when I did they hung on me so I called it back and asked why they kept calling my husbands phone? The answer??”I didn’t know he was married” and hangs up on me. I was already so distraught with the thought of my husband dying that I didn’t pursue it any further. My husband ended up pulling through and I was just so thankful he lived that I didn’t want to fight with him or slow his recovery so I let it go.Biggest mistake of my life!!! Why? Because the person I had spoke to on the phone was none other than Monica Mares and despite not knowing at the beginning of the affair that he was married decided she didn’t mind screwing a married man as long as he provided her and her family a place to live, food on their table, and took them out every now and then. She finally got greedy enough to let her meal ticket buy her oldest child a car. (on his Instagram he tries to portray the image that he bought it himself, could you not be more ungrateful?) and taught her daughters to call him dad just so he can buy them things (the youngest got my husband to have her a Quinceanera which was a knock off version of my daughters sweet 16) and the middle child cashed in on plenty of gifts as well and even has the nerve to start calling him grandpa to her child and was on her way to having him throw her a baptism party. (Sorry that one got canceled!) || Monica Mares is a ghetto fabulous leeching whore that should never be trusted, if you know her and or ever come across her keep her as far away from your husbands or boyfriends as possible. She has no standards, and no morals. As far as I am concerned she is the grossest living being on this earth and I truly don’t know how she lives with herself.