No Item, Fake Delivery Tracking Number


My Complaint: I purchased a really cheap Groupon for a monogrammed canvas tote. The bag was valued at $26 or so and I only paid $5. The bag was cute for $5, so I ordered it…then was charged $6.95 for shipping. A bit disgruntled about paying more in shipping than I did for the item itself, I placed the order anyway and have been waiting for weeks for it to arrive. I got an email a couple weeks ago saying the item had shipped, along with a link to a Tracking Number. When I try to use the tracking number to see why I haven’t received by item yet, I’m sent to a screen that tells me the number doesn’t exist. What a complete waste of money. This is my first negative experience with anything I’ve purchased from Groupon, and I hope they cease to do business with this scam of a so-called “company”. Absolute nonsense. Save your money and go elsewhere.


My Demand: Item Delivery or Money Back